Chinese Cheat

Chinese Cheat

The truth is out. Chinese people are the most dishonest.

The result from a recent study on truthfulness by University of East Anglia in Britain which involved 1,500 people from 15 countries has concluded that Chinese people are the most dishonest. 75% of the Chinese participants cheated on one of the two tests given online. One of the tests asked its participants to flip a coin. Participants were told that they would be rewarded if the coin landed on its heads. 70% of Chinese participants lied about which side the coin landed on. Another test asked participants to answer some music-related questions without googling the internet. The result is, well, the Chinese googled the internet and lied that they didn’t. Not to be outdone by the Chinese, Indians and South Koreans also ranked low in the honesty department. The countries that show the most honesty are Japan and British.

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