Chinese Women Banned From Marrying Non-Chinese Guys?

According to East Asian Tribune, the Supreme People’s Court of China has passed a legislation yesterday that will ban Chinese women from marrying non-Chinese men, starting 2018. While it looks like a grim future for non-Chinese men who want to marry Chinese women in China, Chinese men in China seem to be in luck. But there are just so many of them…. like 33 million Chinese men over Chinese women.

Let’s face it… there are not enough Chinese women for Chinese men even if every Chinese woman gets married to a Chinese man in China. I’ve also heard that China is tolerating the gay community because China doesn’t want gay Chinese men to go after Chinese women who could be married to the real heterosexual Chinese men in need.

Whether the East Asian Tribune article is a joke or not, I feel it’s important to stand firm and be who you are and marry whom you want regardless whoever you are.

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Author: Quentin Lee

Quentin Lee is an international filmmaker of mystery.

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