Feisty Chrissy Teigen Tells Her Twitter Followers to F#@k Off

Chrissy Teigen was busy today defending her tweet on Planned Parenthood in regards to the shooting at a Colorado clinic.


When Teigen said she and her husband John Legend were donating to Planned Parenthood after the shooting, pro-lifers attacked and unfollowed her.


The Thai-American model didn’t care and went on to making another donation in the name of one of the pro-life tweeters too.


The ballsy exchange is why Teigen, along with Legend, a fun couple to watch. Her spunky attitude has garnered over a million Twitter followers and 4M on Instagram. Side note, she has just gained another follower on Apopolis a few minutes ago. Currently pregnant, the model is will turn 30 next week. Happy birthday, Chrissy!

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Author: Sue Limsukonth

Sue Limsukonth is a "yellow" journalist writing and blogging from Los Angeles.

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