Interview with the Son of Smiley

Interview with the Son of Smiley

CHOPSO interviews podcast host and comedian Ed Hill whose podcast, Son of Smiley, is currently streaming on CHOPSO.

C: What is Son of Smiley about?

Son of Smiley is a weekly podcast that tells my life stories as the son of a Taiwanese immigrant. Every week I share a story either from my childhood or adulthood that is either about me, my father, Smiley, or about my family. Some of these stories are ridiculous and some are heartbreaking. All of them reflect of who I am as a person.

C: Why did you want to start a podcast?

Initially, I started this podcast as way to potentially generate material for my live stand up. What the podcast ended up becoming is a public personal journal. It captures the intricate past and present moments that I had with my family. It’s like an audio photo album of my life.

C: What does your father think of the  podcast?

My father thinks the podcast are ALL jokes about him. I remember when the first episode was released I was over at my parents’ for dinner, and the first thing my mom said when I walked in the door was “Smiley! Your son is making fun of you again!” During dinner I found out that all they actually listened to was the 15 second intro music.

C: What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own podcast? 

Find something that is interesting to you, and be genuine and consistent. If you don’t truly believe in it, then no one else will either.

C: Where can people find out more information about you? 

You can visit me at my website at or via twitter @kingedhill

Watch Son of Smiley on CHOPSO today!

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