Steve Han and Charlie Sheen

It’s all over the news that Steve Han, Charlie Sheen’s former assistant, outed the HIV+ status of former Two and a Half Men star. Having been an assistant myself, I’ve always believed that my boss’ confidentiality is of utmost important. I’m curious about the relationship between Mr. Han and Mr. Sheen, and why Mr. Han blew the lid on Mr. Sheen’s HIV status. Could it in fact be what Mr. Sheen wanted? To come out as HIV positive.

The incident that Mr. Han refers to was a partying moment where Mr. Sheen accidentally cut himself and spilled blood on the carpet. As one of his friends wanted to touch his blood, Mr. Sheen screamed, “Don’t touch my blood. Don’t touch my blood. I got this.”

Read the exclusive Daily Mail interview with Mr. Han that outed Mr. Sheen.

Later after that incident, Mr. Sheen told Mr. Han during a trip to Mexico that he was in fact HIV+ and eventually came out on television.

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Author: Quentin Lee

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