Walk And Earn BitWalking$

A new global digital currency is being introduced. Bitwalking.com pays people to walk and earn Bitwalking dollars (BW$). The app, now available by invite only, is to aim at users in developing countries to earn BW$ and learn how to manage their money. Users can earn approximately 1 BW$ for each 10,000 steps (approx. 5 miles) they walk and the cap one can earn is 2 BW$ per day. The currency earned can be traded between users, allows them to make purchases at Bitwalking’s marketplace or traded for cash. Bitwalking is launched by Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi, the same duo who came up with Keepod, the $7 Android-operated USB drive that can act as a hard drive when plug into a computer. Like Bitwalking, the idea of Keepod was also to help developing countries where a USB hard drive can be plugged into a shared computer to turn it into a personal computer. So far the pilot program for Bitwalking is available in four countries: UK, Japan, Malawi, and Kenya.



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Author: Sue Limsukonth

Sue Limsukonth is a "yellow" journalist writing and blogging from Los Angeles.

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