Young Man Kang Is Casting “Prayer International Series” in Rio

Young Man Kang is probably the most prolific veteran AAPI creator I know. Casting now, he is set to continue his ‘Prayer International Series’ with the next episode taking place in Rio de Janeiro during the Rio Webfest 2023 event.

This production is a collaboration between YMK Films, Hollywood Series Corp., Charlotte Producoes, and Rio Webfest. Hollywood Series Corp. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, specializing in digital content creation, including short and long-form digital series. They also organize two webfest events: LA WEBFEST 2024 and Hollywood Series 2023.

The ‘Prayer International Series’ is a project that tells the stories of young individuals pursuing their ambitions in major cities around the world. While the overarching theme is consistent, each story is unique, reflecting the local artists and language of the city, with each episode set in a picturesque location, culminating in slightly different conclusions.

The series recently completed successful shoots in Toronto and Vancouver with local actors. To date, 11 episodes have been produced, featuring cities such as Istanbul, Rome, Seoul, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Honolulu, Lima, Cusco, Toronto, and Vancouver. Now, Young Man Kang and his team are venturing to Rio for the next installment.

Hollywood Series Corp. is currently casting for two one-time roles for the drama series ‘Prayer Rio,’ with filming scheduled in Rio on November 26, 2023.

‘Prayer International Series’ stands out as a unique project, filmed entirely on the new iPhone using vertical cinema, offering audiences a fresh cinematic experience beyond the traditional landscape frame. All 11 episodes are available for viewing on YouTube.

To audition or request info, contact ymkfilms [at]

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Author: Quentin Lee

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