Hybrid Building in China

Hybrid Building in China

A new building in China’s Hebei Province is a kooky combination between the United States Capitol building and China’s Temple of Heaven. eastmeetswest2It’s built on the site of the New Great Wall International movie studio. According to BBC, the building has attracted thousands of comments on social media Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter). “From one side you can film period dramas, from the other side you can film Western scenery,” writes one user. “This saves construction costs, how strange eastmeetswest3and cute!” Another person says it’s “creative, cost-efficient and resourceful, a perfect way to utilise space!” But while one users thinks it’s a “symbol of friendship” between the US and China, another wonders whether it was actually the result of a “quarrel between designers”.

And to top off it off, the building is located next to a fake Sphinx sculpture!

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